Membership in the Chamber means your business interests are represented at all levels of government

As the “Voice of Business”, the Lincoln Chamber provides advocacy on issues that affect members and the local business community, drawing on the support and advice of the highly-respected Ontario and Canadian Chambers of Commerce.

We provide our members access to closer contact with our local political leaders through networking events, small group forums, and various advocacy events like our annual Breakfast with the Politicians and Mayor’s State of the Town.

Hear what your local politician’s have to say about what’s been accomplished by the Council and staff- and plans for the future of our Town.

During an election year, the Lincoln Chamber hosts “All-Candidates Night” open to the public and membership, offering an opportunity to hear candidates discuss topics relevant to the concerns of the Lincoln area.

The Chamber focuses on issues concerning its membership. 

Do you have a political issue that you would like the Chamber to investigate?  

Let us know by filling out our Business Advocacy Submission Form.

The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce is committed to strengthening your network opportunities and increasing advocacy for our members.


This membership benefits our members for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons include:

  1. The Ontario Chamber of Commerce is the largest, most influential, and credible business network in the province. They promise that your priorities will be heard loud and clear at Queen’s Park and on Parliament Hill.
  2. The Ontario Chamber of Commerce will make sure to keep you up-to-date on the issues that impact your bottom line, like regulatory developments, legislative changes, and market trends.
  3. The Ontario Chamber of Commerce is committed to equipping you with tools and resources that can help grow your business locally, nationally, and internationally.
  4. The Ontario Chamber of Commerce can provide you with access to information on programs and possible funding opportunities to strengthen your business.
  5. You can benefit from discount programs that contribute to your bottom line.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce helps build the businesses that support our families, our communities and our country. They do this by influencing government policy, providing the services your business needs and by connecting you to information you can use. They connect you to opportunities and to a network of local chambers, businesses and decision-makers and peers from across the country, in every sector of the economy and at all levels of government. 

Check the Canadian Chamber of Commerce Advocacy page for more information on public policies, mandates, reports and other information reflecting the economic environment for Canadian business.

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